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Katrina is more than a ‘voice coach.’ She combines her unique skills as an experienced performer, educator and voice specialist to identify voice concerns and provide immediate solutions for her clients. Her knowledge and experience spans 30 years in the arts and education sectors. Her professional qualifications include a Bachelor of Music, Masters of Teaching and Estill Voice Training (EMT) and recognition as a Neurochange Practitioner. 

Katrina has taught all levels of education including early years music education, primary and secondary instrumental music and classroom teaching. Her tertiary education experience is vast and includes,  James Cook University, Queensland, The University of Adelaide, Tabor College SA and most recently accepting a position as voice coach at Flinders University in the prestigious Flinders Drama Centre. 

Katrina is a joyful communicator who is practised at achieving immediate and long-term results with all ages and abilities. She has a passion for facilitating authentic self-expression and communication and offers both one on one sessions and group training. Her knowledge of vocal anatomy, physiology and application means she is well placed to accomplish effective outcomes.

With a Masters of Teaching, her sessions are tailored specifically to meet the needs and learning styles of the individual, encourage critical thinking and empower the acquisition of vocal knowledge. 

Above all Katrina is accomplished at helping others achieve the outcomes they desire. A passionate and enthusiastic educator she makes the path of vocal discovery engaging and rewarding. 

Sessions are offered at her  private studio space 53 Bridge Street Kensignton, south Australia 

Voice Educator

With qualifications including a Bachelor of Music, Masters of Teaching, Estill Master Trainer and Neuroscience, Katrina is skilled and experienced in assisting you to achieve your goals.  Sessions are specifically tailored to meet the needs and learning styles of the individual, encourage critical thinking and empower the acquisition of vocal knowledge. Every session is designed with the client in mind and helping them achieve the outcomes they desire. An avid and enthusiastic educator she makes the path of vocal discovery engaging and rewarding.

Vocal Health and Habilitation

Katrina has the skills and know-how to assist clients to be more efficient and effective vocalists through the application of the latest voice science research. As an Estill Master Trainer, Katrina is keenly invested in vocal health practices and skilled at vocal analysis and evaluation. Her application of the Estill Voice Training ™ model and work with professional singers and working musicians sees them achieve success in managing their demanding vocal load and reducing the risk of vocal injury.

Her passion for voice education has seen her present at national and international voice conferences, presenting ‘Estill for Children’ at the 7th Estill World Voice Symposium in Melbourne in, 2015 and the ANATS national conference in October, 2022.

As a Vocal Health First Aider with Vocal Health Education (UK) and a member of The Australian Society for Performing Arts Healthcare she values the importance of a multidisciplinary vocal team in both the remediation and habilitation of voice. Whether its Laryngology, Voice Physiotherapy or Speech Pathology, her wide network ensures she can refer you to the right voice specialist to address any vocal concerns.

* Habilitation refers to a process aimed at helping individuals to attain, keep, or improve their vocal skills and vocal function. For vocalists, habilitative therapy will help aid the acquisition of knowledge and develop and integrate new motor skills to improve vocal efficiency and accuracy.

Estill Voice Training

Katrina commenced her journey with Estill Voice Training® in 2001 and credits the model as the foundation of her teaching and personal vocal mastery.  The rigorous training program ensures all Estill Master Trainers are equipped with a broad range of vocal skills including knowledge of vocal anatomy and physiology. Learning the isolated control of individual anatomical structures within the voice production system has ensured she has the deep understanding and aural training to more effectively train others. Mastery and awareness of the vocal system leads to healthy vocal function, better artistic choices and unlocking your vocal potential.  Katrina’s qualification as an Estill Master Trainer means she has ” Demonstrated basic knowledge of Estill Voice Training Content, advanced proficiency in the EVT Voiceprint protocol and hand signals, and effective training of individuals learning the EVT Figures and Qualities” Estill Voice Training(TM).

Voice Coaching

Katrina’s holistic approach to voice teaching, involves taking the time to connect and learn about her clients’ needs. Understanding that a positive mindset is a big part of the vocal development process, her attention to this enables her to achieve positive learning outcomes. Like a fingerprint, our voice identifies us and needs to be an authentic representation of who we are. Sessions prioritise vocal assessment, goal setting and a customised vocal plan to ensure clients unlock their potential and achieve their vocal goals.

Having taught across many educational sectors, including early childhood, primary, secondary and tertiary, Katrina is accomplished at imparting her extensive knowledge to all ages and abilities.

Coaching specialities include spoken voice, performance coaching, professional technical training, preparation for AMEB and SACE solo performance exams and contemporary, jazz and musical theatre genres. She is currently voice lecturer at Flinders University Drama Centre and has previously lectured  and coached at the  The University of Adelaide Jazz Department, Tabor Institute of Music (TIM), Adelaide theatre companies Pelican Productions and Shane Davidson Presents as well as several Independent and Catholic schools, Saint Ignatius’ College and St Michael’s College South Australia.


Voice & Communication Coaching

Katrina combines her unique skills as a professional singer, vocologist and educator to show you simple strategies to become a more effective communicator and improve your vocal wellbeing.

Understanding how people learn and her broad vocal training provides a distinctive approach to communication coaching and presenting.
This training is tailored to aid discovery of authentic self-expression, and is offered to individuals and businesses.

For more information navigate to our Workshops and Voicemaster menus.

Mindset & Professional Development

Katrina’s unique skills set as a vocologist and educator supports you to unlock your unique potential. You can develop the skills you need to communicate with confidence and transform your life.

Using the unique Estill Voice Training program as well as the latest neuroscience “The Neuro Change Method”, Katrina can facilitate a process of transformation for her clients leading to lifelong change. The alignment of sports science, neuroplasticity and personal development draws attention to what is no longer serving us and enables us to strategically work towards our purpose. Integrating psychology and performance artistry you can learn to communicate with clarity, composure and authenticity when you need it the most.


Through the ‘Voicemaster’ series and blogs Katrina shares her knowledge of all things voice and in particular the importance of “finding your voice” in everyday things. As a leading mindset coach and Estill Master Trainer Katrina believes everyone has a beautiful voice and the right to be heard. An educator for over 30 years, Katrina ardently believes in the mind voice connection and the synergy between our voice and our truth. Her true purpose is to inspire clients to find their voice and step into their power.

“Speak your mind even if your voice shakes” — Maggie Smith