Voice Training for Corporate Communication

Katrina combines her unique skills as a professional singer, vocologist and educator to show you simple strategies to become a more effective communicator in the workplace.

Our voice is integral to the way we communicate and express ourselves. Having command over our voice empowers us to connect authentically with others and feel more confident within our personal and work life. Participants will learn strategies to better evaluate their voice and the way they communicate; learn about overcoming performance anxiety and presenting with impact, and the importance of vocal tone in delivering a message. Participants will have the opportunity to practice and receive feedback on their voice and presentation skills.

Offered in a flexible format to suit your needs, this workshop can be delivered in Five one hour sessions (providing more  practice opportunities)  or one Three hour training session. 


Voice Training for Classroom Teachers

Katrina knows first hand the challenges teachers and educators face using their voices on a daily  basis. As an educator herself with over 30 years experience, she appreciates that many current strategies are impractical and fail to create long term solutions for time poor teachers.

This workshop goes beyond hydration and provides teachers with vocal health solutions which can be implemented into a busy work day.

Teachers will also learn strategies to

  • reduce swelling caused by sickness
  • achieve volume safely
  • improve efficiency
  • manage vocal load through masks
  • pathways for additional support

This is a practical workshop designed to fit into a 1.5 hour PD session