what they say...

Katrina is a sensational vocal teacher. Her knowledge of vocal health and technique has helped me further develop my singing skills.

As a professional singer, I wanted to make sure I was getting the best out of my voice and learn some new skills to aid my artistry.

Katrina’s professionalism and dedication to her students is apparent from the get go. Personalised and fun!

Pina Del Re

Katrina’s knowledge, ability and expertise are impressively expansive. 

Sessions are educationally tailored with the latest developments in vocal science, with the aim of gaining awareness of the mechanics and mastery over the expression of my instrument. 

Katrina is a joy and delight to work with on account of her cheerful disposition, genuine interest and enthusiasm in her students, her love of life and her passion for the role of music to inspire and create harmony amongst diversity. 

Joshua Boyce

When deciding to explore my voice I turned to no other than Katrina Ryan. After watching her perform and entertain in Etypejazz, she was the teacher I leaned to.

She has developed and styled my voice in ways I never dreamed of. She begins with heart and soul – where all good tuition should start. Only a year in to my vocal journey, what I have learnt and experienced about my voice is immeasurable. I cannot recommend this ‘industry knowledgeable’ human enough.

Markus Hamence