Elevate your corporate presence

 We proudly present Voicemaster. 

Tailored for business professionals, Voicemaster is your ultimate tool for commanding attention, fostering confidence and mastering effective communication in the corporate arena. 

Unlock the power of your voice and leave a lasting impression in every interaction. 

As a seasoned performer, music educator and voice specialist, Katrina’s knowledge and experience spans 30 years in the arts and education sectors. Her professional qualifications include a Bachelor of Music, Masters of Teaching and Estill Voice Training (EMT). 

As a joyful communicator, Katrina is practised at achieving immediate and long-term results.She has a passion for facilitating authentic self-expression and communication and offers both one on one sessions and group training. Her knowledge of vocal anatomy, physiology and application means she is well placed to accomplish effective outcomes.

Crafted specifically for discerning business professionals, this culmination of expertise is designed to propel you to new heights of success.

Elevate your corporate presence with Voicemaster and showcase your refined skills with confidence and authority.

Sessions can be customised to meet the needs and learning style of individuals as well as tailored workshops for teams and organisations. Our sessions encourage critical thinking and empower the acquisition of vocal knowledge. 

Above all Katrina is accomplished at helping others achieve the outcomes they desire. A passionate and enthusiastic educator she makes the path of vocal discovery engaging and rewarding.

Estill Voice Training


Katrina commenced her journey with Estill Voice Training® in 2001 and credits the model as the foundation of her teaching and personal vocal mastery.  The rigorous training program ensures all Estill Master Trainers are equipped with a broad range of vocal skills including knowledge of vocal anatomy and physiology. Learning the isolated control of individual anatomical structures within the voice production system has ensured she has the deep understanding and aural training to more effectively train others. Mastery and awareness of the vocal system leads to healthy vocal function, better artistic choices and unlocking your vocal potential.  Katrina’s qualification as an Estill Master Trainer means she has ” Demonstrated basic knowledge of Estill Voice Training Content, advanced proficiency in the EVT Voiceprint protocol and hand signals, and effective training of individuals learning the EVT Figures and Qualities” Estill Voice Training(TM).